The headphone output of the i25 MP3 player

Hi all,
Just a small question, is the headphone output on the i25 mp3 module mono or stereo ?
It seems I can’t find the schematics on github for this module :flushed:

Hi Frank @Frankje,

The i25 MP3 player output connector is stereo, and the bitsnap audio is converted to mono. I tested it.
See the diagram:

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Thank you @alexpikkert,
I have an idea for an upcoming project to sync audio with midi.
For that, I need two audio channels.
Thank you for the schematic, but it seems that the headphone output is on the other page :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Strange that this schematic can’t be found on GitHub.
Where did you find it ?

Hi Frank @Frankje,
Here is the second page, sorry for that.
It is on github as a pdf, just google for “github littlebits” and it is somewhere on the first page, just scroll down… :grinning:

Hello @alexpikkert,
Thank you for the information, this stereo output is what is needed to make a new project :sunny:
I’ll keep this forum informed !

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