The future of the synth range?

Im new to this forum but have had llthe littlebits synth for a few years now. Im puzzled as to why it doesent seem to have taken off more than it has. I bought the MIDIbit module a while back (which is awesome) but expected much more 3rd party developers products. It just seems to have gone quiet with relatively little additions to the range given that there is real potential. I know it’ll never replace eurorack but honestly expected more than whats available currently.

Any ideas why it doesent seem to have taken off more than it has?


Hi @carldpatt,

Welcome to the littlebits forum !

There are many many cool projects around the synth kit by using the LLB arduino bit.
These include LFO, vibrato, drumcomputer, string synthesizer, etc.
The only problem is that these projects are lost in a jungle of other inventions.
Many adult inventors have created wonderful coded programs to expand the synth range.

Ain’t this a great idea to make a list with links here to these projects ?

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They killed the bitlab. I suspect that is a huge reason.

Hi @carldpatt and @Frankje
You can find many many synthesizer inventions in the new classroom.
Just search on “synth” via explore- inventions and fill in the search word “synth” under “more filters”
You can use any search word and find anything you want…:grinning:

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I hope to add to the future of the synth range, but currently they are just plans in my head.

I had a question about the current state of the synth range first:

  • I have read (and noticed myself) that the current oscillators are note properly in tune when played with the keyboard. how is the performance when played with the midi bit? Is this internally compensated for this specific oscillator?