The BitForce Awakens.... introducing BIT WARS!

Jedis unite! :raised_hands:

We’re excited to announce this most epic challenge of all time… Bit Wars! Starting today and ending on Dec. 19, we challenge you and your community to invent a new gadget for your favorite Star Wars character. Then film a video that either recreates or remixes your favorite scene, starring YOU and your new creation.

Share your video via YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, or Vine using the hashtag [#BitWars] by December 19 at midnight and upload it to our project page.

Project categories:

  1. Geekiest Costume
  2. Ultimate Droid
  3. Most Legit Light Saber
  4. Award Winning Film

Participants will have the chance to win an all expenses paid trip (up to $3K) to the Orlando Disney World Star Wars Park and tons of other prizes. SAY WHAT?!

-Lou Pecora (Academy Award nominated visual effects expert)
-Amy Ratcliffe ( Writer)
-Brandon Rhea (Senior Manager, Fan Engagement and Support at Wikia)

We’re also hosting a Global Makeathon (think global PARTY!) with Bit Wars events taking place in over 100 cities on the weekend of December 11. To find an event to attend, click here, or if you want to host an event, sign up here. AND, if you live in the NYC area, join us for an intergalactic costume party at our store on December 12 from 7-9pm.

I know @techscience, @drthuler, @ProArtisan and others are excited!!