Text to speech on arduino

There is a text-to-speech library (TTS) that works on the arduino with either pin 5 or 9 in analog mode hooked to the synth speaker. see

it produces a robot-like voice. for a fancier and more expensive solution, you might wire up an emic 2

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Hiya @manitou :slight_smile: This sounds awesome! Any chance you could share a short demo vid?


littlebits arduino/leonardo can also speak pre-encoded words to the synth speaker on pin 5 using the talkie library (F_CPU must be 16mhz), see

Hi @manitou,

Thanks for sharing this speech synthesizing project !
I tried it with my Littlebits Arduino Leonardo, but it did not work…
I suppose the talkie library is not suitable for the Arduino Leonardo, the hardware setup is different.

It really works nice with an arduino Uno, see this video, where I connected the Synth speaker to output 3 via a proto bit:

There was also a small error in the program file, you need to declare the sentence files with “const uint8_t” instead of “uint8_t”. This needs to be done when you are using the most recent compiler, else you get an error and compiling is halted…

The adafruit talkie library works just fine on my littlebits arduino/leonardo with the the synth speaker attached to d5. I get no compile errors with Arduino 1.8.4, ok with Arduino 1.8.5 too. I ran the example Vocab_US_Clock.

make sure you have the correct library, it has conditionals for AVR_ATmega32U4 that utilize leonardo TIMER4 and pin 5.

Works for me!

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Hi @manitou,

I first downloaded the library and examples from the link on the quickstart page of Github instead of using the download button in the right top corner…
Then I got an old library and old examples (with the declaration error) from 2015.
I downloaded everything again, using the correct download button (it has files from 2017) and it works !
:grinning: Great !

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How could I add my own words to the predefined ones ?
This could be used in many Littlebits projects…

This is amazing. Could you help me by guiding me through the procedure.
I am just starting out with Arduino.