Temperature Sensor Runs Hot

When I connect my temperature sensor from my Smart Home kit to either the Number bit or my CloudBit, the temperature readings are always between 5 and 10 degrees F higher than it actually is in my house. This makes the bit frustratingly useless. Is anyone else having this sort of behavior from their temperature sensor bit?

I have had that happen to me too, I solved it by putting a wire bit before and after the temp sensor. :wink:

Hello @namklabs @Birish03,

I checked my temperature bit on my attic (a very hot day today)
My room thermometer indicated 30 degrees C and my temperature sensor 31 degrees C. (I used the USB power bit and connected the number bit and the cloud bit on the output of the temperature sensor.
My android tablet showed 33 degrees C. (Should I trust this ?)
When I connected the cloudbit directly on the output of the temperature sensor, the sensor raised 3 degrees C. No surprise, the cloudbit radiates some heat which is detected by the sensor…
So as @Birish03 stated, the best way is connecting the sensor via some wire bits to avoid the heating influence from other bits in the chain.

Alright, thanks guys! I’ll give the wires a try.

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I have the same experience as you @namklabs. I have the littleBits Smart Home Kit and it does not seem like there are wire bits included. Ordering new ones from the LittleBits homepage is expensive ($60 shipping).

Hi @ilpostino,
You can buy littlebits local, on the main website page www.littlebits.cc you can find international retailers, there is a link on the bottom of the page.
I buy them from kiwi-electronics.nl in the Netherlands, they also ship worlwide with low costs I think…

Thanks for your information :wink: