Taking Triggers from the MicroSequencer

I recently purchased a Teenage Engineering OP-12 drum machine to add to my Micro Synth set up.
The OP-12 is ‘soft-sync’ and requires a 5v pulse to step it.
I use a Korg SQ-1 to run the show, but I wondered if I could get a trigger pulse from the MicroSequencer.

I hooked up a 3.5mm mono jack to the ‘in’ side of a Proto module (center to tip, right to sleeve) where my volt meter showed something like a pulse.

The results were disappointing.
The OP-12 chugs along for about 3 beats then chokes before repeating the process.

I’d be grateful if anyone has any suggestions on how I might improve this situation as the SQ-1 seems so big and out of place in my system.

Oh, I have ordered the MIDI and CV modules, but here in the UK supplies are non existent. :frowning:

Hi @Outaspaceman,
If you want you can buy separate bits in the Netherlands from https://www.kiwi-electronics.nl/index.php?route=common/home
They charge just a few euros for shipping to the UK…
They have nearly all separate bits in their webshop…

Hi @Outaspaceman! I’m curious, does the MicroSequencer trigger your drum machine more reliably if the knobs are turned all the way up?

Ah, yes I read your advice in another thread.
I’m going to give the current supplier another 2 weeks, if no joy by then I’ll be ordering from your suggested supplier.

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Now you’ve asked the question I’ll have to give it a try out of curiosity.
When I put the meter on it the values were all over the place, but showed a regular voltage on each step of the Sequencer.
I just can’t remember what the ‘regular’ voltage was.

A thought did occur to me today, though I suspect I’ve misunderstood how these things work, what if I put a trigger module on the sequencer trigger out.

If any one could let me know if that’s a particularly stupid idea, or if in fact it might work, please don’t hesitate to reply.

We are talking about the 4 step sequencer with two outputs? The trigger output on the top goes from 0 to 5v every step regardless of the setting of one of the 4 knobs. The output at the end, goes from 0 to the voltage that the selected knob has set. Note that the output goes to gnd “between” beats. So from your description is sounds like you are using the output rather than the trigger. The differences can be seen using a bargraph bit.

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On your Pocket Operator, the output jack is a stereo jack. the right channel (I think) carries the sound signal and the left channel carries the “click track”. Are you in SY1 sync mode? I hooked my PO14 to an oscilloscope like this:

It’s showing the sound track above, because I hadn’t put it in SY1 mode yet (press Key and BPM together to switch modes). Below is the oscilloscope trace in SY1 mode on the left channel. The click pulse looks like it’s 1 volt. I suspect the micro sequencer module puts out 5 volts (as confirmed by Peter in the post above), so that will need to be changed (by the CV module? I don’t have one, so I can’t check it and see.)

Ah ha! I think you’re on to it here.
I am using the trigger output along the top of the MicroSequencer.
I have a feeling I may have connected the Proto module incorrectly.

On the ‘in’ side of the Proto the middle pin is connected to the tip and the right is connected to the sleeve.

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I’m using the OP-12 in SY-02 mode as a slave to the Korg SQ-1.
I want to slave it to the MicroSequencer from the trigger out.
Err, nice oscilloscope!

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On further, more careful reading, of your reply I see the difficulty.
Thank you for your comprehensive efforts.
I’m now going to weep in a corner. :wink:

According to the manual the OP-12’s sync voltage should not exceed 6v.
So it should handle 5v without a problem.

I’m a little happier now. At least I know the OP-12 can handle the voltage.

Now, if only I could find a voltage that looks like 5. :confused:

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I’m being particularly dunderheaded here.:confused:
Of course the OP-12 can handle a 5v trigger.
That’s what’s coming out of the SQ-1’s trigger out and the OP runs fine with that.

I have prepared a short video to illustrate the difficulty I’m experiencing…
Syncing Feeling

I’ve solved this problem with a dimmer bit between the sequencer and a CV bit.
I’m going to try it with the proto bit set up so I can release the CV bit for other duties.
Here’s a video about it…


Took your advice, bought from Kiwi, very happy.
Thanks for the tip.
Distribution in the UK is rubbish.

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GREAT solution, @Outaspaceman! I enjoy your YouTube channel and hope you upload a performance to the project page so more people can get to know you. :smile:

Thank you JnJ.
The next stage is to find out how much resistance the dimmer is providing, rig an appropriate resistor into the proto bit, and then find something else for the dimmer to do.

If all goes well I’ll be using this set up as part of my rig next Saturday at a show in Littlehampton.
If I’ve got a spare hand I vid some of the performance.:+1:


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I look forward to seeing that! Try asking a friend to hold the camera so you can focus on your performance! :movie_camera: :musical_note: In case it helps, here is the dimmer schematic. :slight_smile: