Syntheory of elements

This post is to share and discuss the idea of making analogies between the Elements of Nature and the Synth Modules.


If elements reflect the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything can consist or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of everything are based (wikipedia), what are the elements of sound synthesis?


Because I believe in the power of analogies and storytelling, and I think that the principles of sound synthesis could be presented in a friendly way.


In particular, I’m using this approach to help develop the essence of the characters and concepts of a music and dance play, but I think that the same idea could become a workshop or event, and be adapted to a specific culture or scenario.

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jun 6, 2014

The poetry of the play moved towards the origins of creation, based on traditional beliefs and symbols from this part of the world, specially the Chacana.

We are making music with 4 different Bits. This number is because in the Chacana there is a representation of the 4 cardinal points. The speaker is the main creator that transmutes the essences of the others and manifest them through its own vibration.

Since random + filter sounds like wind we decided to assign random to the south. The Chacana also represents time and space (east and west), and we found an analogy with this in the delay and the filter, representing the rhythm of Africa and the Zen sound of Tibetan monks, respectively. We only had left the north and the oscillator, so that was not a choice. We want to represent the north with sounds of Europe, and although we didn’t clearly define what that will be, we are thinking of classical music and showing more order than the previous creators.

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nov 12, 2014

We started making plans for next year, and for the second part of the play. This second part is kind of a reborn, more conscious about ourselves and our relations with others.

The first sound of the play is the one generated only by the random module (white noise), this being the fundamental frequencies that generate what comes next. Then, in their way through space, represented by the filter, these frequencies manifest themselves as water or wind, depending on the peak knob […]

This is kind of the research I end up doing, making analogies between sounds and elements, inside a story of cosmogony.

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How cool Leo - it’s the metaphysics of littleBits! The synth kit is what brought me here, and I keep going back to it for inspiration. Your arrangement has a feng shui feel to it - my house and workspace are modeled on principals of feng shui - to think of littleBits this way makes sense to me.

Thanks for thinking … WAY … outside of the magnetically clasped box.

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@chris101 :bitstar:

After several remixes :waning_crescent_moon:

South & East remained the same: random & delay
West changed from filter to envelope (filter will be SW I guess :thought_balloon:)
and North…

changed from
oscillator >> bargraph >> light sensor :cyclone: