Synth Speaker Static-ish Noise

Hello people,
I have recently bought the cloudBit Smart Home Kit. When I snapped my Synth Speaker on an array with a cloudBit, it would produce some weird noise. This is my array:

USB Power - i3 Button - w20 cloud - i25 mp3 player - o24 Synth Speaker

I detached the cloudBit and the noise stopped. Please help me fix this problem.


Hi there,
Is this also happening when you connect a i3 button instead of your w20 cloudbit ?
Try a 9v battery instead of the usb power.
I made your circuit and tried 2 different cloudbits, but I hear no noise.
Here’s a video which shows the cloudbit starting up. After that, I use the controller app to select and play the 2 first mp3’s.
Could you make also a video of your circuit ?

Hi @owengaspard,
I have a few “cheap chinese” USB wall connectors and I cannot use them in any audio setup.
They generate a terrible lot of noise in the system. Using my official USB power unit from my Samsung tablet works a lot better. Maybe this causes your noise problem also…
As Frank @Frankje also mentioned, you could try to hear the difference between a USB power and a battery.

Oh dear …
I just reread your post and i noticed that you connect your synth speaker on a chain when the power was already turned on and your cloudbit was already running :frowning:
This is not a good idea since snapping the speaker bit causes a fluctuation in the power and can cause a malfunctioning cloudbit.
Be sure you complete the circuit first and the apply power to the circuit as seen in my video.
And as @alexpikkert correctly noticed, some cheap usb wall plugs can cause interference.
By looking through the forum, @alexpikkert found a solution with a power supply filter, more info : here
Maybe you can try this.
Keep us informed !