Synth Speaker Issues?

Has anyone else had issues with their Synth Speaker?

Mine has been flaky from the start and has now officially died. It just gives off a “blip, blip, blip” noise when playing from the MP3 player.

Before its death, it seemed flaky. My son would always have to jiggle/reassemble his bits each time he powered it up to get sound playing.

Hi Dolf @dolf,
How did you connect your synth speaker to the MP3 bit?
I tried mine and it also goes “blip blip blip” when I press the fwd or back button on the MP3 bit and the MP3 bit is directly connected to a power bit and switched to “once”…
When switched to “once” you must put a button between the power bit and the MP3 bit and the song will be played when you press the button bit…

Else you could try to clean the contacts or turn the volume knob carefully a few times up and down…

Can you test with the synth oscillator to be sure the speaker is flaky ? :sweat_smile:

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Alex, thanks for the reply. Littlebits support has already contacted me and is sending a replacement.

The speaker is set to ALL, not ONCE. It has always been a bit flaky anyway. Although he can get everything to work, every time the unit is powered on he has to jiggle, wiggle, disassemble, and reassemble to get everything working and sound to come out. Once he does that, everything will usually work until the unit is powered off.

I don’t have the oscillator yet. My sister gave him a $100 Littlebits gift card so we are debating what to get next. So far he’s got the Arduino Kit and then a random assortment of bits that he needed for his science project - mp3 player, synth speaker, motion sensor, time out, etc.


Hiya @dolf*!*

I’d recommend an oscillator. I have put mine to uses outside of the synth kit - it’s like a pulse bit but it can go to a much higher frequency of pulses. I used it extensively while developing the stepper bit, among other projects. And since it’s controlled by the input voltage, you can do all sorts of frequency modulation experiments. In the physics lab, we have the same thing, but they come in a big metal case, and are called “frequency generators”.

mine didn’t work when I bought it- something wrong with the wire or connection between speaker and bit- I could get it to work for only a moment by wiggling it- but I never intended to use the speaker and have it connected to a mixer- so no big deal for me-

That’s exactly how my son described his failed speaker. It worked for a while when he held it just right, and then it gave out completely. I t never worked perfectly, even directly from the box. He didn’t tell me about it for a while because it was a gift from grandma, and now I don’t know what to do about it. I called Korg and they weren’t very helpful. I’m surprised, I thought they would care.

They replaced mine! See if they will do the same. It’s pretty expensive to just die like that without any use.

Hi @ginaballina,
I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s speaker not functioning. Please send us an email at and we can help you out.