Synth kit triggering TeenageEngineering PO-12 featuring my favourite patch

I finally solved the trigger/clock issues I was having between the synth kit and the PO-12.
To demonstrate I’ve set up my favourite patch and let it roll.


Sounds great, @Outaspaceman! I hope you upload to the project page! :grinning:

I love it too Outa! So the cv with the dimmer is the key - it makes sense! If I can get my hands on one of those, I’ll hook my synth kit to my PO-14!

Dig the sound too!

Thank for your encouraging comments!:+1:

Errr, I thought this was the projects page.:flushed:

This is the Project Buzz section of the forums, where we share our work in progress or just want more feedback. When we’re totally done, we publish on the project page: :smile:

thank you!:+1:
I am elderly, and I get confused​:flushed::wink::joy:

Ha! You and me both, @Outaspaceman!

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