Synth kit and ableton

Just got the synth kit and started playing around….down side I think I got a broken speaker. Headphone jack works with two different sets of headphones out of 6 I tried. Seems pretty fun….Now I watched this video:

and at 2:10 the guy opens the preferences tab and clicks the input choice then records. I for the life of me can’t get this to work …and I am using the usb i/o bit and have the same little set up. Any ideas?

With the Speaker module, I just use a stereo 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable into the line in on my PC/Mac and record using things like Audacity etc (I don’t have Ableton) With the USB audio, you should see the USB audio device as an output and an input…

Here is a youtube video I just made using the Mini jack on the Speaker module into my PC to give a high quality audio feed. Synth Jam

Hey @thedrexel,

If you believe you got a broken Speaker module could you drop us an email to We’d love to help get you up and running!