Support for a Servo calibration issue

Hi, I’ve had an issue with my littleBits Droid where the servo motor is not centred correctly. I found the troubleshooting steps on the website and followed them, taking photos and a video. I emailed these to and but have had absolutely no replies. Am I going about getting support or a replacement part in the wrong way? I thought littleBits had a great reputation for support but so far it’s just radio silence unfortunately.

Hi Conor, thank you for reaching out. I wanted to let you know that we hear you. I am going to connect with our customer service team now and will be in touch with next steps. Can you please DM me your email address so that we can continue this conversation offline?

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Hi @conorgriffin

I’m so sorry about this! We haven’t received any messages from you in our littleBits support inbox. Can you try reaching out to Alternatively, you can give us a call at 888-440-3906.

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Thanks I’ve forwarded my previous email to