Started Projects with Arduino Kit

I just got the Arduino kit. Is there much I can do with just that kit besides making a LED blink or do I really need to buy another kit?

Hi, @jackrum! You can do the first 8 sketches here: The possibilities do expand as you collect more bits, such as the Synth Speaker, the “Sense It” expansion pack, or some other kit. Plus, you can make your own with the HDK . It all depends on what you want to do! :smile:

Hey @jackrum,

I would encourage you to view the Arduino Projects page to view projects that were made by our awesome community! There are close to 100 projects that uses the Arduino Module with different ranges of littleBit Modules.

Thanks @JackANDJude. I checked out the first 8 sketches earlier. Its disappointing that of the 8, 4 require additional parts and of the 4 that don’t it’s mostly making a LED blink. I was hoping to do something most interesting. I know it depends on what you want to do but what I wanted was to be and to do something fun without having to pretty much immediately spend more money. I will check out the projects page. The Sense It pack does look neat and relatively inexpensive.

Thanks for sharing your point of view, @jackrum . I want you to know that the knob dimmer can be a substitute for the slide dimmer and the pressure sensor, so I think you can still try some more projects. Also, I will try and think of a fun project just for you. Talk to you soon!

Thanks @JackANDJude. I don’t mean to seem like a buzz kill. I AM super excited to try some stuff out. I do have some projects in mind.They just might take some time to figure out/get the bits I need.

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How about creating a shooter game with it, like this?

The bargraph LEDs can be used as a lives counter, the Dimmer knob can be the left/right motion of your player ship, and the button can be used to shoot. Half of the fun is figuring out how you would do something like this so I won’t post explicit instructions, but the “Analog Pong” project should help if you need it:

It will involve some more complicated programming, but being able to use the hardware dimmer, button and bargraph output modules should make it pretty fun! We could even later expand it to have sounds…

I’m going to be doing this ‘challenge’ myself too!

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That sounds like a neat idea @Ultima2876. I was wondering what the heck a bar graph would be good for. Let me know how it turns out for you. I’ve got done work to do.

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