Specs for the battery cable

If you buy any littleBits kit, we provide you with a power cable to connect a 9V battery to your power module. That said, we figure you might find yourself wanting to creating extra ones or one that fits your specific needs. The cables we provide are 6 inches long for instance, but you might want to create a longer one to suit your creative needs.

To create your own power cable, here’s what you’ll need a 9v snap to barrel jack with the following specifications:

  • 2.1mm inner diameter
  • 5mm outer diameter
  • center positive with a round connection to the power bit

What is the current draw of the synth kit? Is it possible to replace the battery with a power supply?

hi @jsears,

littleBits modules work on a 5v system. You could replace the p1 power, battery and cable with a p3 usb power and wall adapter.

The power module says 9-12v, it would seem that voltage regulator would accept 7v (dropout is 1.2v). So will 7v work into power module?

Most definitely @manitou ! It will work best if the 7 Volt power supply is a wall adapter, rather than a battery. A continuous amount of 7 volts will be fine, even though there’s a 1.2 dropout.

Hey @manitou!

Did you get a chance to use the 7 Volt Power Supply for your circuit?

Yes, with 7.5v power brick to power module, all things were working. good 5v coming out of other end of power module.

with breakout module and multi-meter, I did some current measurements on various modules. I couldn’t find a page or FAQ that detailed the current load each module produced. Power consumption for each module would be useful information that could be included in the Product Specifications for each module.

here are my numbers:
bargraph 26.4 ma
number 19.47 ma
dimmer 0.64 ma
dimmer+servo (analog mode) 13.6 to 70 ma
dimmer+servo (pwm) 13 to 25 ma (servo stall 200+ ma)
dimmer+number+servo(analog) 0v 47ma, 1v 50-60ma, 2v 65-70ma, 4v 68-78ma, 5v 67-96ma
arduino 33ma with bargraph on (d5 HIGH) 57 ma
cloudbit (low power,default, 247MHz) 280ma (155 ma “steady state”)
cloudbit (hi power, 454Mhz) 402ma (steady 166 to 242ma)

Revised power numbers can be found at

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