Speaker Bit -- sound very low

Just got the Synth Kit–the Speaker Bit seems way too low, both through the provided speaker and the headphone jack. You can barely here the sound generated by the Oscillator Bit or Random Bit with the Speaker Bit’s volume turned all the way up.

Is it supposed to be incredibly low or am I missing something?

Hi @ccotropia,

Sorry to hear this! Would you mind wiping the connectors on the modules with a clean, soft cloth to see if that helps?

Let us know!

I tried that – it didn’t help. I did determine that if I got some conductivity (like a sweaty finger or some water) between the solder points for the volume resistor the sound gets louder temporarily.

Wonder if it something faulty with my speaker module.

By the way, may 9 year old daughter and I are having a blast with the kit – just holding a finger under the speaker module to get some real sound gets a bit tiresome.


Hi @ccotropia,

Thanks for trying, so sorry to hear it didn’t help. I just sent you a note through our help desk - please watch out for that!

Got the note. Thanks.

I just bought the synth kit for my daughter, and I’m experiencing the same problem. I basically have to hold the speaker up to my ear to hear anything at all. The headphone output is no different. Should I try to return the kit?

Hey @deastman,

Have you tried wiping the connectors? Can you take a close up picture of the bottom of your Synth Speaker that shows the electronics componets?
For testing purposes, build this circuit and post your results.

Power + Microphone Module + Synth Speaker. Connect the 3.5 mm jack into the microphone module and connect to your phone. Play music from your phone and posts if you could hear the music or not. Let us know what happens!

Sure, I’ll upload a picture ASAP. For what its worth, I know my way around electronics and have a room full of modular synths, so this isn’t a question of user error. Wiping the contacts did not help.

I just noticed that you said “microphone module”. This kit does not include a microphone module.

Sorry about that, I was thinking about the Space Kit module for a moment.

I’m having the exact same issue: low volume, except when I place my finger underneath the bit near the volume knob. Image of the underside attached.

Hey @ybakos,

I would send an email to support@littlebits.cc and they should be able to take care of you there. Are you still having issues @deastman? If so, I would encourage you to send an email as well!

Just got this in the mail and I am also having the same problems with sound and have wiped the module as well…no results.

  • Ben

Hey @littletubabits,

I would suggest to send an email to support@littleBits.cc and inform the team of your issue. They will certainly help you out!

Same issue. Speaker springs to life when I put my finger under the volume knob. Otherwise nothing. This is actually the second defective speaker I’ve purchased. I returned the last synth kit and got this one. Can I just return the speaker this time and get a working one?

Hey @AyceOfBayce

I’m so sorry you’ve had this issue (and twice!), that is definitely not the experience we hope for when using our products. If you could send an email to support@littlebits.cc we’d be happy to get you a replacement speaker. Just let us know!


Exact same problem here. I am very disappointed.

Hi, @brinkn1! Sorry for the disappointment! Have you tried wiping the contacts with a dry clean t-shirt and turning up the volume knob? If that doesn’t work, please email support@littlebits.cc so they can help resolve the issue. :slight_smile: