Sound activated siren

Hello all! I would love to interject, as I am wanting to make a similar device for my own dog that howls occasionally when she is left alone. I currently use an app to monitor her when I am at work, and using that app I can speak into my phone to tell her “NO! Quiet!” and she hushes up, so I know this could potentially help me not have to monitor her as much. The downside is that I don’t listen to it constantly and just check intermittently, so I am not able to know exactly when she is making noise. I thought a similar set-up as mentioned here would help!

My question is, can the mp3s loaded into the module be shuffled? This dog is stubborn and REALLY smart, so I want to be sure she doesn’t start to realize the same commands happen all in a row. I suppose I could rename the files occasionally or rerecord them, but I thought a shuffle possibility would be nice!

I’m guessing, by the way, all I need is the USB power, sound sensor, and MP3 module? I have a speaker I can already use to plug into the headphone port. Am I right? Thanks for the help!

Hi Jaffakatie did you have any luck with your project I am trying to build something similar