Sound activated alarm

Hello everybody I need some help with a project, I am trying to build is a sound activated alarm. Right now I have a power module, sound trigger and a buzzer. When I have the sensitivity set where I need it the buzzer is powered for 3 seconds and shuts off. I need an alarm that will stay triggered until I physically shut it off. I was looking at the latch but I am worried that the sound trigger might turn the latch on and off. What I need is a one way latch if that makes sense.
I was also thinking about the delay so I could turn the alarm off before the buzzer goes off. I’m not sure if the delay would work in this situation. The delay description says it sends audio signals.

Hi !
You could connect an OR gate between the sound trigger and the latch… the output of the latch should be connected to the other input of the OR gate.
So new sound triggering will not flip the latch from state.