Slow Consciousness (Happymeter remix)

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I want to make a happymeter for an event next month.

My idea was to connect a power + dimmer + bargraph to choose the level of happiness you are feeling at that moment, and then add a button + cloudBit to upload the data to the cloud and then visualize it.

I found an error on my original design: I need certain level of power to trigger the ifttt recipe, so with this configuration of Bits, low happyness levels wont activate the cloudBit and wont be registered.

I thought of putting an arduino between the button and the cloudBit to map the values and make a correlation in a valid range, but before moving forward I would like to know if anyone has a different idea on how to resolve it.

Also I would appreciate any link to similar projects to get inspiration.

Thanks in advance!!

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With this code a got some descent results

int entrada = A0;
int bargraph;
int salida = 5;
int felicidad;

void setup() {

  analogWrite(salida, 0);


void loop() {

  bargraph = analogRead(entrada);

  if (bargraph > 50) {

    felicidad = map(bargraph, 50, 1024, 215, 255);
    analogWrite(salida, felicidad);
    analogWrite(salida, 0);

It is not super presice, I think because of all the data interfaces but taking the lights of the bargraph as a reference and dividing the results in 5 ranges, it works fine

And this is the recipe i used

Hi Leo @leo ,

Indeed the IFTTT trigger only works when the power level of the signal is 80% or more.
I tried sending an email with your setup power+dimmer+bargraph+button+cloudbit. and it works only for the levels > 80%. :joy:
But then I tried to make a new applet with my IFTTT account and I found “Littlebits staging”.

After selecting this I could select “rising edge, custom threshold” which is I think the way to go for your happy meter !. Pressing the button to send a certain level… :smile:

But after selecting the next page it got stuck. My cloudbit was working (steady green light) but IFTTT was waiting here forever to find my cloudbit…

So I think this is not working (yet). I remember I was involved in a tryout with the Littlebits team last year to test this. I think it was with @lizabits but I am not sure… What would be the status of this applet ?? :scream:

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Yes you’re right now I remember!

Although this was my original plan, when starting tinkering, sharing and getting feedback, I got other ideas.

One guy in the telegram group of the event was concerned about the idea that the device could explode because of extreme levels of happiness. This is because the event is so immersive that is common to get over excited.

So I thought that it would be cooler to design a happiness overdose detector, but how could that be done??

I started to change the circuit and getting comfortable with the idea that instead of trying to configure things to get the thing that I wanted done, I could try to get advantage of the default configuration and figure out how I could maximize the value of the information that is already there without processing.

I got to a minimum set of Bits >> usb power + dimmer + bargraph + CloudBit

and started analizing the data I was getting. I found that moving slowly the dimmer, when you reach the trigger level, the value registered was near 80. But when moving fast, the value registered was more likely 90.

So I concluded that maybe with that minumum set I could get some results. I see 2 cases:

  1. Someone is happy but is deciding between turning 4 or 5 lights
  2. Someone is extremely happy so there is no doubt that the way to go is to turn the dimmer all the way up with confidence

So getting a 90 would mean a happiness overdose dectection :smiley:

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Maybe you can add an arduino in the circuit.
Two input buttons ( happy and more than happy) and one output on set on 80 or100% depending on which button is pressed. This way the levels are 100% defined.
:grinning: :yum:

I would like a machine that ignores anything less than “happy”.

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Great idea for an optimist machine :slight_smile:

The 1st indication for people should be: if you are feeling happy, go and interact with the machine!

Then as you Alex said, it could measure happy or happy+, or maybe there are different types of happiness??

I wanted to use dimmer + bargraph because of the ongoing challenge >> trying to relate light with happiness and using the feedback of light (specially bargraph) to give time for introspection while fine tuning in a decision that is commonly polarized: i am happy or i am sad.

But with this said, one relation that I find interesting - worth exploring is bargraph + RGB led

It could be a machine that helps you relate your type of happiness with a specific color. And then collect the data and find the “color of the happiness of the event”. But the 80% cloudBit trigger will still be there.

I would love to see in this invention:


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After a while of introspection I was a little unhappy because I could not find colors .
Maybe a servo moving colored screens over a bright led ? :red_circle: :large_blue_circle: :large_orange_diamond: :white_circle:

Finally I didn’t take any happymeter to the event, just because there was something making me noise around the idea.

After your message, today I decided to go back again to the minimal circuit >> power + dimmer + bargraph >> and just feel the effects of lights on me.

The 1, 2, 3 green lights built an incremental logic of confort (feeling well) but the 4th orange light gave me a sense of alert, that increased with the 5th red light, making me willing to move back to an equilibrium, represented by the 3 green light on.

So like your suggestion of using a servo to change colors, I remembered how cool and effective is to think about the same thing from a different perspective. And taking inspiration from the event, instead of thinking only about happiness, I focused on what makes us happy and it resonated me that a lot has to do with the speed in which we live and how consciuos are we after our own rhythms of life.

So I re-remixed all this to culminate in a new project that I want to name Slow Consciousness that is a device that helps you to find your own rhythm of life and making it sustainable.

It consists in a littleBits circuit (power + dimmer + bargraph) and some post-it’s and a pen to make restrospective that will then help to to find ways to adjust your speed in life.

I want to share only this image to see if you can get what is the methodology I’m using (then I’ll explain)

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It’s incredible the positive feedback I got after sharing this project with close people.

One was: "I love it! Because is useful. It’s not just a way to register how you’re feeling. It also helps you improve. "

Hi Leo @leo,
Ï think you made a great project with a minimum of technology and a maximum of consciousness !
Thanks for sharing ! :+1:

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Thank you Alex! You know the word “sharing” appeared as a healing option in both directions (even if you’re feeling sad or stressed).

It’s interesting how you can give new meanings to circuits and how these can trigger new ways of thinking when you see them again.

I wondered what if this could be a wearable as a way to express how are you feeling and also to know how you can help others depending on their energy level (bargraph lights).

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I like the new image, @leo. It looks :top:

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I want to move to the middle. Always. With 3 green bars. Great visualisation of life.

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Wearable update