Skype in the classroom

Hey, there’s been growing interest from Chapters and School Chapters to Skype into each other’s classrooms to share projects and ideas. If you’re interested, drop your contact info below!

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@conniechowpetit, @ramusallam, @designsaunders

We at Qmark would love to share!
Would be perfect on :clock3: Thursdays
2:10 - 3:30pm (UTC-03:00)
skype :telephone_receiver: leomsaccomanno

@Barb, @onedoyling, @conniechowpetit, @techscience

Hey Nick. This sounds like a great idea :slight_smile: What day and time is best for you?

Great! We are in Australia (Sydney) and run mostly after school sessions. Could fit well with early mornings in Europe. Drop me a line if interested. You can email me at