Show us your diagrams!

#Show us your diagrams!

Get out your pencils, markers and crayons… We want to see your idea diagrams! Wacky is good - the wackier, the better! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Reply to this post with a picture of your idea diagram even if you haven’t made the project yet!)

Inspiration & Resources

What is a diagram?
A diagram is labeled drawing of your project, idea, circuit, or Dream Bit.
Merriam-Webster defines a diagram as:“a drawing that explains or shows the parts of something”

from littleBits

You can tell what Mr. Whiskers does from this diagram:

From other Bitsters

Fun Shine

Check out Kacee and Ragan’s diagram for their “Fun Shine” project:
They did a great job of drawing the bits they used and the completed project! :smile:

This is a lantern that has style and fun! You can change the color of the light by changing the tissue paper and it turns on when dark and off when light…

It has a light sensor so when it is dark the lantern turns on and when it is light the lantern turns off.

The fashion and style and color!!

LED Glow Glasses

This “Light Up Head Gear” diagram is by Grace and Emilie, which they posted as part of their “LED Glow Glasses” project:

Stuck in the dark? Need a convienent light? LED Glow Glasses will solve your problem! LED glasses have a light that turns on when you are in the dark. They use a small light sensor that sends the signal for the light to turn on in the dark. The LED Glow Glasses feature a brigh light that will help you do anything in the dark. Say you were up late, trying to finish that great chapter. (OR THE WHOLE BOOK) The lights are off, but you still want to read. Just put on your glasses and go! You sneaky child…

Share Your Diagram and Project!

FIRST: Reply to this post with a picture of your diagram and a short description.
SECOND: Once you make your project, upload it to littleBits Project Page and post the link below. Make sure in your upload, you mention

  • which bit you explored in detail in this project
  • where you might take this project next
  • a video of your project working (and swimming)

Fluttering Butterfly

Check out this fluttering butterfly video by a student in jnovakowski38’s class! Diagrams are part of the video! How cool is that?