Show & Tell Community Call - April 5 at 7pm EST

#It’s A Groove Thang, Party People!

Hey there, all my party people! Let’s have a Show & Tell Community Call in the EVENING! All Bitsters and ideas are welcome. :slight_smile: Bring your friends & family - we’d love to meet them! Bring your inventions, too - we’ll take turns demonstrating and asking questions!

When: Tuesday, April 5 at 7pm EST
Where: The Unhangout Room :link:
RSVP: Heart and/or reply if you can join us! :slight_smile:

We’re especially looking forward to seeing what you built for #InventForGood, the #AnimatronicsChallenge and our April Design Challenge, #HackYourHabits :link: !

@drthuler @mmalpartida @alexpikkerdeletet, @Cara_L, @leo, @Vloshmow, @anahit, @kknight, @joey, @rlyle78, @macinspires, @lizabits @Daniel_Magiera @Birish03

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@JackANDJude we’re really looking forward to join this call :heart_decoration: and although inanimate now, this robot still develops personality :eyeglasses:

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I can probably join this Show & Tell. When it is time, should I sign in through the littleBits forum, or in a different way?

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Hi @Cara_L :smiley: I hope you can join!!

All you need to do is to go to The Unhangout Room at the specified time and date, and log in with a google account.

Unhangout is a really cool platform to get together online. I hope to see you there!

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Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate. I have a club meeting about the same time.

We’ll miss you @Cara_L!

Some more folks who will be there tonight include

@Mya_Berkey, maker of Pete the Circuitboard Peacock

@joey Wilson, Maker of Telly the Telepresence Robot,

@mmalpartida maker of Depressed Coffee Maker

It should be a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

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robot :eyes: + puppy :dog:

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