Short circuit on slide dimmer modules

It’s been around 4 years of using littleBits for invention workshop. I believe littlebits is one of the best tool for young inventors. But after 4 years of using, I wonder some bits are atmost at eht end of their life span. Specifically slide dimmer and branch. Suddenly many of my slide dimmers got short circuit on it so when I connect them to a littleBits circuit, the power module shuts down immediately. I tested the vcc and gnd terminal on the slide dimmer with my tester and It says its connected somewhere inside. After detaching the slide pot (desoldered) it still beeps under connectivity test, which means its not a mechanical issue. Some branch modules have same symptom.
Anybody has any idea fixing this? Any suspicious point I can try?
Thank you alot!


Hi there August! I’m so sorry to hear about this. Can you please write in to with the details of your original order so we can find out more?