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done @matthiasmwolf check it here :slight_smile: Don’t forget to share pictures on twitter with #InventAnything and upload projects on the page ^^ Can’t wait to see what you guys make :pencil2: :bulb: :space_invader:

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What a great event page @vikingkarwur - great job glad to see you on the Community Call today & can’t wait to see what you make in Bekasi :slight_smile: Your event is up on

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First in Russia Festival of electronics for kids and parents.

Festival shall be held 28 and 29 of March 2015 at at House of Exciting Science and Technology, Tukaya 91, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

Details at

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thanksalot, @chloeatplay! Would you mind changing the RVSP link to

There will be no information on the website DieProduktMacher.

Thank you.

This Sunday I will be joined by my school’s Science Curriculum Specialist and two students for Munching + Making.
I emailed them the poster [accompanied by the requisite Consent Form to come into school on the weekend).
Munchies + Science in the Art Room!

Did not have much time to create a poster from scratch, so I retouched the fun poster created by littleBits Graphics Wizards.


@zoomgali, take pictures so we can see what they made and how it went… :camera: :slight_smile:

Happy Arduino Day to everyone.

I met the First Bitster! yes this was my first face to face interaction with an actual person from the bitster community. I had the pleasure of meeting @anmol1771. I was so excited to meet him. We met over biscuits and lemonade (as the lunch got over before we could even think of eating) at an open source social gathering here in Bangalore at Opus.
A very interesting fellow to talk to and indeed a resourceful man he is. However I feel that he has so much more potential. I would like to wish him the very best to accomplish all his goals. Hey @anmol1771 thank you for all the help, you couldn't have done better. So that everyone is on the same page, he introduced and put me in touch with the Directors at the fist makers space in Bangalore, Workbench

A team so enthusiastic and humble that I fall short of praises for.

I’am working on getting in touch with more makers here in India, @Milind I would like to meet you soon.
Thank you evryone in the bitster community, someday we shall met sometime soon.


Event was today. As everyone is under 18, I am posting the photos only of the “makes” and not the participates (ages 7 - 9). Boys’ build:

Girls’ build (team 1): Girls’ build (team 2):


@heidic, It looks wonderful but don’t mind if I ask just out of curiosity what were you and your little bitsters making?

The PuneRudeFood
“Eat if you’re hungry. Make if you’re curious”

Inspiration film - Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time

Intro to littleBits

Rolling sculptures

  • DC motors, Bamboo skewers and laser cut ‘U’ pods to hold dc motor vertically.

more photos, videos and projects on its way…


Thank you so much @faquih. It was great meeting you, your friends and your mentors. I loved your whole portfolio, your work, the way you documented. After seeing your work, I am thinking of combining Art with LittleBits, as I have been into Paintings and Crafts since I was 5. We will surely be in touch.


The PuneRudeFood
“Eat if you’re hungry. Make if you’re curious”


Surprise :tada: @chloeatplay #ArduinoD15


@Milind Your pics and video are stunning! We kept talking about it at the Make & Munch I attended this weekend. Please post your event to the project page so others can see … plus it could get featured! :smile:

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@leo People look really engaged! Can you post your event to the project page? ALSO … your rocket to the project page? Thanks! :rocket:

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Thanks Jude, Its been busy days and I am working on video Edit. Hopefully it will be done by this week.

Sorry, I did post that on the “projects” page, but a summary. The challenge was : Make something (with the craft materials) and have it “do” something. Boys’ group made a duck sitting on a nest (nest was light wire and the tree was on a servo). Girls’ 1 made a monkey and giraffe with a tree (light wire) and Girls’ 2 (latecomers) made a garden of flowers, where one was turning (DC motor) and second was lit up (light wire).

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@vikingkarwur @heidic @matthiasmwolf @Milind @anmol1771 @ValentinaC @GoTechTown @faquih @aspahos hope to see you all in the community call today, to share how your events went :slight_smile:

starts at noon EST :blush: ttps://

Hi @chloeatplay and averybody,

Unfortunately I’ve been travelling a lot so far, so it was quite complicated to join the community call. However I posted some pictures of the event in Ireland here:

A quick preview:

I’ll also post some videos asap :wink:
Keep making guys :smile:


super cool! @ValentinaC thank you <3 we should have you come as a special guest in one upcoming community call to share all your wisdom ^^