Servo Target Project

My daughter and I are building the launcher for Sphero RVR and a target. The target will have a light sensor that activates a servo and buzzer when it hits. The idea is when the ball hits the target it will cover the light sensor, making the servo move up and down. However, when we set the light sensor to dark mode and add a servo, the servo never seems to move the same way twice. We’ve tried all the sensitivity settings on the light sensor and both settings on the servo but the servo is very un reliable.
We may have to switch to a Microbit.

Hi @iPadelfteacher, please send us an email at so we can find out more and help you out.

My experience with the servo is it can be unreliable. I made a launcher with littleBits on RVR and used the servo to release a string. The launcher arm was spring loaded (with rubber bands). The servo was reliable. Of course you need to reset it for each ball toss.