Servo Sequence Recorder

Hi all,
I’ve just tried the Arduino sketch found here :

The servo recording seems to work, but the Bright Led seems to light up all the time ( although a bit less bright). It lights a bit brighter when I press the record button.
When I connect the o9 bargraph at d1, I notice 2 bars are lighting and 5 when pressing the button.
When I connect a o2 Long Led, it’s ok.

When I try another sketch ( blink ), the Bright Led, connected on d1 from the arduino, it goes on and off respectively.
I’ve tried other batteries an removed the servo from d5, but the phenomenon remains.
Does someone can give this experiment a try ?
Could my Arduino module be faulty ?

After a good night sleep, I’ve tried again this morning and dug into the sketch of the servo recorder.
And guess what, I’ve found the error in the sketch :grinning:
At the beginning of the sketch, change the line int pin_a1 = 1; into int pin_a1 = A1;
Now it’s working like it should, the led stays off until you press the button. Then it lights up and you can enter the servo movements. When you release the button, the led goes off and the servo movements are executed.
And here’s a tip : change the dimmer at a0 into a i3 button, this is much easier to input the movements :wink:

Oh, that’s awesome, @Frankje! Can you please share in the comments of that Arduino project?

Hi !
I’ve just posted this in the comment section of the project.

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