Servo jittering all the time


I have a problem with a servo, connected to an actuator, itself receiving power from a wall outlet (output 5.0V, 2amp). There is also a little LED at the end. The servo jitters almost all the time: a little bit when I turn the system on, and every time right after the servo/motor does a rotation. Sometimes the jitters just don’t stop. Funny enough, it started to occur about a week or two after I first tried it.

The same, if not worse, happens when a cloudBit module is in between.

Ultimately, I hope to use it to feed my fish. Has anyone encountered this problem?

Many thanks for your help.


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Hi Romain,

Could you please open a ticket with us for support? Shoot us an email at and we can get this straightened out.


I had a similar problem. I found that a Threshold bit just before the servo bit can help calm the jitters.

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