Servo Control with BLE Slider

Hey Bitsters. I made this circuit:

Battery + Power + Slide Dimmer + Servo (turn mode)

Where I slide the dimmer the servo turns nicely similar to where the slide dimmer is positioned. Great!

Now I want to replace the slide dimmer with the BLE bit and use the slider on my phone instead.

I was unpleasantly surprised when it didn’t work the same. I figured perhaps it was a power thing, so I changed the power bit out for the USB power and plugged it into the wall. No change in behavior.

What am I doing wrong?


Hello @yogasnaredrummer,
I checked your setup power-BLE-servo and it worked fine with the android app slider on my tablet.
Maybe you clean the contacts and check with the bargrapgh bit if the BLE bit is working correctly…
Btw, can you describe the wrong behaviour you are seeing?