Servo Connector

What is the part number for the connector used to connect the servo to the servo module and where can I purchase them?

Hey @wayne_holder!

Maybe this link could help:
Flat 26AWG servo wire

Thanks, but the servo connector used on the LIttleBits Servo board is not a standard servo connector. It appears to be a JST EH series connector, but I wanted to make sure before ordering some.


Hi @wayne_holder

The connector on the servo is from Kaweei and the part number is CW2502-03T-S02.

Hope this helps!

Does anyone know where these can be purchased?

Hiya @scott75, I buy servo motors at Fry’s electronics from OSEPP and Parallax. They all come with a plug that is pin compatible (wire placement and size, although tyou need to put them in backwards) with the littleBits servo module. I have used the module to power large and small servos, as well as 180 degree and continuous rotation motors.

See here.