Schematics for the advanced synth bits

Where are the schematics for the advanced synth kit modules? Doesn’t look like github has been updated in awhile.

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From what I’ve seen, they usually take a few months to release schematics of newly released bits.

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Hi Parker,

We usually update the schematic files in batches. We’ll be posting the new modules soon though.


So I realize “soon” is a relative term, could we expect the schematics posted within the next month? It’s been more than four months since release right now.

Patiently waiting here :smile:

I just went looking for these myself and it appears that they’re not there even now.

Its mainly the CV module i’m interested in. In my head I thought going from a 0v-5v littlebits signal to a signal I can route into a eurorack compatible module would be quite straight forward. But the synth pro CV module I own looks like its got a lot of stuff happening on the underbelly. It even appears to be re-programmable via some pin pads. So that shows how little I know about this kind of thing, and without the schematics I suppose I’ll remain clueless.

Hi @matkins85,
You can find the CV diagram (pdf) in the shop…
Just scroll down fully and there it is… :grinning:

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Well spotted! Thanks!

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I’m looking for the schematics for the midi module. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Hi @Praxis,
You can download the pdf file here:


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Hi Alex - Many thanks

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