Sample-Based Synthesis


I would like to know if it would be possible to insert self-recorded samples onto the synthesizer. Would really appreciate it if someone could share the techniques.

Thank you!

The synth modules comprise purely analogue circuitry, so it is not possible to insert or load a digital sample into any of the bits. That would require hardware specifically designed for sample storage and playback. The closest you could come to that end would be to plug the output of an actual sampler into the microphone bit and modify the sound with the synth kit.

it may be possible to convince the arduino module to store and playback a sample, but its memory is only small. I have tried using the Mozzi synthesis library for the arduino but have run into problems with it. I will try to spend some time on this next week and report back. :slight_smile:


The new MP3 bit has been added to the list of bits, so I thought it was worth adding a note to this thread. The MP3 bit stores samples on a SD card, and can trigger them in response to a trigger signal from the keyboard bit, the sequencer bit, or other bits. However, switching between samples is very limited on the MP3 bit, so use of several MP3 bits may be needed for complicated use of samples with the synth kit. Check out the “learn more” page for the MP3 bit for more details.

It sounds like another module that could be added to the synth range.

I programmed an envelope follower on an Arduino bit for use with external samplers and synthesizers, and it works very well for integrating them into the littleBits format. No bread board necessary for that. :relieved:

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Where can we get it? Thanks