Regarding problem with arduino

hii I have just started using the littlebits arduino kit. i am have problem with using it. my code was uploaded successfully shown on the software but it is not working when i attach any bit to it to see the ouput. Could any one plzz help me with this…

Can you share your code.

its the basic code exampale blink and fade.
actully not even single example work.

Hi @karangill, neither blink.ino nor fade.ino will work with the littleBits Arduino module without modification. This is because the littleBits Arduino does not have an LED on pin 13. If you go into the code and change all the references to pin 13 to pin 5, then attach an led bit to the pin 5 output of the Arduino, it should work.

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Do the lights on the arduino blink when you download the sketch? Do they blink when you attach power to the Arduino? Which output is your LED attached to?


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yeah its working now thanku for your help… :+1:

yeah its blinking while uploading

Well done. Good luck with your future projects.


i just upload the code for keyboard and mouse control but now m not able to do anything with arduino bcoz when i open the arduino software and connect the board with usb it will start working and typing how will i reset or format it./

Whoops, :grimacing: I missed this. See my reply in your new thread!