Recording audio from the o24 Synth Speaker to PC Line In

I’m slightly lost on this one, if you could give me a few headers I’d really appreciate it.

On your “Record your music” videos you say to connect the o24’s headphone out to the PC’s Line In. I tried the same here but I can’t hear any synth sound on the PC. I can get sound if I connect it to Mic In instead, but it sounds slightly worser than connecting my headphones directly to the speaker bit.

The headphone out port is working fine, the cables I’m using are also working, I’m just not sure how to test if the PC Line In jack is working. Was it supposed to work out of the box, or do I need some sort of amplifier between the speaker’s headphone out and the PC Line In?

Hey @goncalofsilva,

I’m asking our Synth experts about this one. It sounds like you’ve done a good bit of troubleshooting already, but we’ll see if maybe we can’t help you out.