Rechargeable batteries

Are there any rechargeable batteries that will last longer than 5 mins when using them with the littlebits synth kit?

Hi @mowgli,
You can use any brand of powerbank normally used for cellphones.
The one I use has a power capacity of 1800 mAh, but you can buy powerbanks with much more mAh if you want.
They all work with 5 Volt DC, so that’s ok.
Connect the powerbank with a USB cable with a usb power bit

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Hi, thanks but I’m after batteries

Pay attention when using power banks ! Due to the. inverter inside, it can produce noise on the power output, so as used with the synth kit, it will give distirted sound !
You can always use rechargeable mono cell batteries of 1.2V. 4 of them In series give plenty of power for your projecs.

USB power packs have an inverter? Why? It’s DC-to-DC.

Hi !
This dc dc inverter ensures that the battery is properly uncharged when connected to a load. The current is maximised to a certain level.
Some of them produce a noisy output… if you’re after a grainy sound, then this is what you were looking for !
But if not, better try before buy !
Rechargeable batteries have a clean output.
Hope this helps !

often usb power packs have an internal 3.7v battery (such as a 18650) that is boosted to 5v

I recently bought these:

9v batteries that can be charged over usb.
I am happy with the initial tests and they last longer than 5 minutes (not sure how long yet)

Aliexpress Link