Recap Jan. 21, 2015: Attribution, Empathy & Karaoke Songs

The #1 Rule of Karaoke is:

“You sing the most awkward song you can do.” -@joey.

In this week’s call we discussed:

  • What kind of bit is best for 50 pulses!
  • How best to thoughtfully attribute when we are inspired by others
  • Designing learning activities

Remixing is Relationships

  • “Yes, all the time. I like to send a note to writers whose articles have moved me.” @aliceava
  • “When setting up events like hackdays I’ve shamelessly reached out to other organisers I know for tips and help. I’m always trying to do a ‘new thing’ but there’s no point making someone else’s mistakes again.” @meeware
  • I mean it’s great to connect to your “idols” @ValentinaC

bitSTARs are Saying Hi

@ValentinaC’s intro was verrrrrry awesome.

Are You Struggling with a Project?

Use discourse + the tents to ask for help like @joey did for the community call. You can also post one of your projects as inspiration for others. @vanessa and @chloeatplay would also appreciate your help if you could suggest a design challenge in the various tents.

Community Call Weds 28 Jan 12pm EST

  1. We’ll be meeting here to discuss privacy, internet of things and big data:
  2. Take a look at these two articles and post your ideas about privacy and IoT: Discuss: Big Data & Privacy, The Other Side of IoT
  3. Think about a project you’ve made or seen that provoked some thinking for you about privacy & mention it on the Discourse thread. We’re going to think deeper about that on the call and share out.

Your littlebits Karaoke MCs, @chloeatplay and Vanessa