Recap Jan. 14, 2105: Welcome To The Community Call!

First off, thanks so, so much to all the folks who came by today. Amazing to meet such rockin’ bit’sters in this universe.

Where Can I Catch Up?

1. Watch the Hangout with bit’sters such as @Ginger, @meeware, @Milind, @ValentinaC, @Philip_Verbeek, @HackLab_Terni, @aliceava @Peter_Sp + @JackANDJude:

2. Introduce yourself + respond to someone else’s introduction: Dummy Post: Do not post

3. Add yourself to the map: Add Yourself to the Map! Join A littleBits Chapter

4. Complete chat archive is here:

What Should I Do Next?

###1. Choose your track. We have design challenges, discussion topics + community activities up for the following themes:

Try the design challenge, post an additional resource, hack our activity to create your own for your own community.

2. Post your weekly project to MakerHub:

3. Meetup next Wednesday at 12 Noon EST at Unhangout:

4. Don’t forget to complete your profile! Bespoke icons > generic avatars.

A Note on Unhangouts

Unhangouts accomodates smaller “breakout” rooms so we can digitally meetup with groups larger than 10. Next week we’ll pop into breakout groups (you may have notced the different “rooms”) so everyone will have a chance to be in an Unhangout and participate.

Waves from your hostesses Chloe + Vanessa and this is us right now:

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