Recap Feb 4, 2015 #InventAnything Launch, Events

Greetings bit’sters:

Here’s the action from the #InventAnything community this week:

#InventAnything has Launched: Let’s Tell Our Friends

While we continue to test, play and iterate with you, we’ve launched the sign-up site for Invent Anything. Check it out!

Please share with your local crew + pals!

This also means new folks will be coming by the forums to check it out. Give them a warm bit’ster welcome when they do, please. :smile:

Events that Rule

@ValentinaC @anmol1771 @Milind @aliceava @chloeatplay @joey @Philip_Verbeek @Peter_Sp @erin_littleBits and I came together and created a group definition of what makes a good event:

  • Unexpected: like dancing in the rain, a horse with LEDs on it, carnival hackathons
  • Encourages individual creativity: themes, fun costumes
  • Doing something physical: dancing, roller disco
  • Opt-in / choice: Brunch meet-ups where participants drive the activity, like Acumen+ brunches

Amazing Resources + Discussions from the Community this Week

Please keep sharing in the weekly call and in the forums with each other!

Full video of the call can be found here:

Help @Milind Make an Awesome Event!

An awesome bitSTAR Milind is putting together a large-scale event. He’s posted his idea here and would love feedback / ideas / support.

I caught the following details about the event (folks jump in if I missed anything!):

  • 200-600 people
  • workshop with school teachers
  • followed up by access to pro library for week
  • teachers design activities to take away to their classrooms

From our call, folks had the following recommendations:

@chloeatplay Designed Some Stellar Event Guides

Which also will help you as you begin to work on events. They are all in the “Event” category on these here forums.

Next Week

Next week we’ll focus on building an audience + finding your crew. Stay tuned to the Monday reminder for updates.

Have a great weekend!

@chloeatplay + Vanessa