Recap April 1, 2015: April Fools Day!

Our April Fool’s Community Call was ridiculously fun and at times just plain ridiculous! Find out who puts pets on their heads, and so much more!

Wear your silliest hat and watch it now! :slight_smile: Oh, and bring a button and a buzzer!!!

Prank Circuits!

Here are just some of the prank circuits from our project page:

  • @altafairbourne used the cloudBit and mp3 player to scare a friend with her Sounds Under Your Bed Prank". It’s super creepy! :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe:

  • @magnehage’s prankster family made a spider move on its own (with a little help from the cloudBit and magnets!)
    Spider Prank

  • @heidic used the remote trigger to make tree frog sounds every time someone in her house uses the TV remote! :frog:
    Tree Frog Remote

Find more projects and upload your own on the prank page! :laughing:

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