Reading Specific input from cloudkit and performing action in IFTTT


I want to know how I can read specific input like for example pressure sensor and how much weight was applied from 1 to 10? or how do I record voice input and match with my voice commands. e.g. Turning on my TV by saying “Turn on my TV”?

Hi @ebelong :wave: … This thread might interest you:

Hi @JackANDJude the link to this post is not working. its giving me 500 error.

Ah, sorry. That is a blog outside of the Bitosphere. I’ll remove the link. :smile:

It looks like they posted the same article here on Medium:

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There is no recipe for this?

@ebelong It looks like the author has used a series of recipes, instead of just one recipe because it requires a workaround to use Alexa as the input.