Reading an input bit via cloudbit and get email

I am working on a new project where I think of getting an email when the status of an input bit connected to the cloudbit changes.
I have tested the IFTTT recipe for getting an email and it works fine, also changing the email body text is easy to do…
But the email is only sent when the cloudbit input changes from 0 to +5V.
When the input goes down from +5V to zero I get no email.
What I really need for my project is an email with a different text in these situations, 0 to 5V email text 1 and 5V to zero email text 2…
Who knows more about this and could give me some advice? .

Hey @alexpikkert, I’m not that clear on why it does not respond to the downward change, but I think it may be related to the fact that IFTTT only responds to cloudbit signals of 78% (3.9volts) or higher.

A couple months ago some of the littleBits engineers were talking about a new IFTTT recipe, but I have not seen any talk about cloudbit for a month or so. Also, some of the documentation has been taken down. I hope this means a new version of the API (awaiting v3) is on it’s way.

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Hey @chris101,
Do you have a name of the Littlebits guy so I could ask about the status ? Would be great…

I am designing a littlebits addition with the cloudbit on a “water barometer” invented in 1611…
old + new…
So I need email messages for good and bad weather coming…

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It was SyedBits, here:

Ordering Pizza with cloudBit

I’m looking forward to your barometer Alex, I have one of those glass things in my kitchen. Yours looks like it’s about to storm!

(attn: @syedBits, @alexpikkert, @JackANDJude for notification)

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Hi Syed, can you please give me an update on the IFTTT situation described here ? Thanks!

Hey @alexpikkert yes! So a few things!

  • @chris101is totally correct about cloudBit sending input signals at a fixed 78%.
  • One way to get around this using our streaming API, I could make a quick example in Python on how to use this! Or Javascript perhaps.
  • The new IFTTT driver is in our backlog, once it’s on the radar again I’ll let everyone know!

Hiya Syed! (@syedBits)

I would love a ready-to-run example - maybe a simplified “cloud control” page - where you could read the cloudBit’s output with an embedded javascript; but one that is simpler and more straight forward than the actual cloud control page.Then I could learn to do what that page does: read the “current value” of the cb’s output, and use it on a web page, or anything else javascript will run within.

Javascript is preferable to Python, cause I don’t know Python.

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Sounds good! I’ll know by the EOW when I can get that out to you all.



That’s great @syedBits! I kept my cloud bit in limbo awaiting a more powerful interface. A clear and simple example will help me put some of my ideas into the ‘cloud’.

I have the cloud bit but have put it on the back burner because of everything else that is going on.

It is the end of the semester and my students are asking for all sorts of make-up work.

Another month, and I will be back to investigating my littlebits.

@chris101 , I hate the RadioShack has abandoned littlebits. I have two stores near me and I will have to check both. One is supposed to become 50/50 with phones, the other 100% RadioShack.