RC Truck Crawler Engine Sound Simulator

Hello everybody. I have a project to put and engine sound simulator with an Arduino nano in my RC Truck Crawler. I’ve been trying with the software mojoEngineSim created by BeigeMatchbox,
(https://github.com/BeigeMatchbox/mojoEngineSim/blob/master/mojoEngineSim.ino ), but every time I try to compile, appears a error message: “Engine_sim:10:22: error: settings.h: No such file or directory”

I know that settings.h is a library, but I don’t Know how to add this in IDE.

Thanks for any help!

Hi jca0101,

Settings.h is a Header-File wich seems to contain settings for mojoEngineSim

You need to download every file in here, not just the *.ino file and it should work

Hi Skulk. Thank you for your help. I were copying and pasting the .ino file in the IDE. Now I downloaded all the file from github and it is working.