Questions on split module and synth speaker!

Hello, I’m trying to make a Little Bits puppet that I can speed up and slow down both the sound and the servo motion simultaneously.

So far I have the following configuration:

Battery + P1 Power + Split to Branch 1: + i6dimmer +011 servo and to Branch 2: Synth speaker + MP3 player.

Q1: The Split (both branch and wire versions) create a great amount of noise when attached to branch two. Is there a module or configuration that I can use to help eliminate the static? This does not happen when this branch is connected directly to the power source.

Q2: Speeding down the servo is easy with the dimmer but how can I do the same for the sound?

Thank you for your help in advance!


Hi, @Mia :smile:

re Q1: I suspect the servo is the source of your noise, not the split. Is it possible to use a second power for the dimmer + servo?

re Q2: There is no slow down feature for the MP3 player. Perhaps you can plan ahead with a slow track?

Here are some friends who may have more to say on this topic: @ccreed @mmalpartida @alexpikkert

In the meantime, can you please tell us more about your puppet? We’d love to see pictures or diagrams, too.

Hi @Mia,
I think there might be two solutions for your nice puppet project:
The main cause of trouble is the little servo, it generates a lot of noise, mainly on the 5 Volt power supply. So it works when you separate it from other noise sensitive bits such as the MP3 player and synth speaker. (originally an idea from @chris101)

So first you could try to use two separate power supplies:
Battery + P1 Power + i6dimmer +011 servo
Battery + P1 Power + Synth speaker + MP3 player.

Then if this is not what you want you could build a noise filter with the protobit and place it just in front of the synth speaker.
This filter is a so called low pass filter with a resistor and a capacitor, it eliminates the noises on the 5 Volt connection.
The capacitor is connected on the output side between GND and VCC, the resitor sits between input VCC and output VCC. The most right connector on the front must be removed.
It works well also to eliminate the noise…
Hope this helps,

See this original post from @Ben:

You can find out more background details about the noisy servo here:


I do servo puppetry with little bits a lot. A good thing to check is that there is no load on the servo at rest. You can do this by removing the servo arm to see if it still shudders.
My experience with the dimmer is that it controls the servo “movement” rather than speed. I would suggest a mechanical solution to slowing motion (maybe using a lego gear on the servo arm connected to a larger gear on the object you want to move slowly.) Sorry if you don’t have the supplies for that.

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Thanks so much for all the great ideas and suggestions to try out! I will try them all and upload images of the final puppet with done!

Take care,