Questions about MIDI module

Im a bit disappointed that the midi module does not transfer over data from things like the delay bit, or the filter bit, etc …

Will it only send one note at a time?

Looking at the Midi page it is not obvious how it could handle a number of midi sequences such as On©, On (D), Off© Off(D) I would assume it outputs the note On event value as soon as it is received and the trigger output is high until there is a Note off for the current note. It looks like if you wanted to use it as a control change tracker, you would have to translate the CC msg into a Note On msg. You can use the Arduino bit with a simple Midi I/O circuit and since it has two ‘pseudo analog’ outputs you can have note + CC for filter.

Thanks for your post!

That’s probably too complicated for me, but I’ll play around with what I have. At this point, I have WAY too many expansion bits anyway!

I’ve been working with MIDI for a while, so when I saw LITTLEBITS had a MIDI module - I jumped!

It’s weird that all they register the midi info is as momentary notes. I have found a solution to hold you over until the firmware update.

I’ve had an app called MIDIBRIDGE for a year or so. It’s not free but the developer customer service is UNBELIEVABLE. I posted the question here :

And he was super helpful about mapping the controller info. He talks about a few ways to make it work, in fact.

I’ve been successful using the MIDI module going into my iphone5c using a CCK and opening MIDIBRIDGE and BEATMAKER 2, selecting the LITTLEBITS module as the input, clicking on the box and choosing the “stream byter” function and copying this into the dialog box :

convert note on to CC 7 (volume)

9X = BX 07 X2
8X = XX +B

Then, I hit the “install rules” button, exited out of the dialog box and made MIDIBRIDGE be the output on the “mapping page”, then going into BEATMAKER 2 and (this is important) SELECTING ONLY MIDIBRIDGE as the input.

If you’re familiar with BEATMAKER 2, the MIDI LEARN function is pretty self explanatory, but I can help anyone who gets this far and gets stuck.

Good luck!