Project Upload Pointers

Hello #InventAnything makers!

I’m posting today to provide general help for all n00bs attempting to post to the project page so your projects will get :eyes: and :heart: :heartpulse:. Included are three examples of best practices from #InventAnything projects, as well as screen shots for parts of the upload process that have proven to be a bit of a stumbling block this week.

Let’s start with guidance and :heart: from @vanessa

From our #InventAnything makes this week, these projects demonstrated some awesome project uploading skills.

:star2: Descriptive Steps

Girl on Fire Tribute Parade,
The Basics - 2.1 Make:Tell Us A Travel Tale
by @afrank

:star2: Reflective Design Process
A Little Bitty Wrinkle in Time
The Basics - 2.1 Make:Tell Us A Travel Tale
by @Theo_IGetIt

:star2: Describe the circuit in detail: Bit + Bit + Bit(mode) + Bit
Stop that scratching, kitty!
Internet of Things - 1.1 Make: Upcycle Something in Your House
by @matthiasmwolf

Bits & Accessories Used:
Include all the Bits you used, as well as how many. As far as accessories go, everybody uses them! “Other materials” covers everything from remote controls and legos to rubber bands. A complete list will help people who want to make your project themselves.

Pictures / Video / Embed:
Check out the Tips & Tricks: Documentation guide by @hirumi_littlebits. If you have a video, upload it to your online video storage site, such as YouTube/Vimeo/Vine, and search for the embed video code (not simply the link). On YouTube, for example, you can find the embed code by clicking on your video to view it, clicking Share > Embed. For cloudBit projects, you can even embed your published recipes.

Additional files:
Good things to include here include .stl 3D print files, .pdf worksheets, .ino Arduino sketches.

Ask Questions :question:
Reply to this topic with questions or advice about posting to the project page. We’re all in this together! :eyes: :ear:


How to find the video embed code for vimeo from your video page:

  1. Click on the white paper airplane icon.
  2. Click on the text box below “Embed”. It will auto highlight. Right click, “copy”.
  3. Now on your project page you can insert the video embed code where it says “Paste video embed code here”.
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