Problem with arduino

i just upload the code for keyboard and mouse control but now m not able to do anything with arduino bcoz when i open the arduino software and connect the board with usb it will start working and typing how will i reset or format it./

Hi again @karangill,

You will need to reset your Arduino bit and load a different sketch. Since the littleBits Arduino does not come with a reset button, you will need to use a jumper wire to momentarily short two holes while it is running. Be careful not to short parts at random though!

First take a look at the two diagrams in the middle of this post by @JackANDJude, particularly the map of the ICSP pins. While the offending program is running, put your jumper wire in the GND hole and the RST hole, grounding the reset pin of the ATMega32u4 microprocessor. This will cause the Arduino to return to the bootloader software for a few seconds, while you upload an innocuous sketch.

Good luck!