Please help with sequencer module!


I thought that with the sequencer module, I could (for example) hook up an oscillator to four of the outputs, change the pitch of them, and have a sequence. But apparently, each thing at the end needs to be an output module???

Here’s a picture of my problem:

Obviously I can’t do this.

So what I did instead was put an oscillator out of 1 and 2, and then mixed them into the speaker output. But that defeats the point of the sequencer. Also, is there any way for the sequencer to only move between things where there IS something connected??

@eroxx do you have a microsequencer?

Use your mix Bit to connect the output side of the two oscillators to the synth speaker, instead of plugging it into the output from the sequencer.

I do … why? Thanks

I guess I just don’t understand the point of the sequencer then.

Especially if it goes through inputs 1-8 regardless of whether or not you have 8 things connected … Am I missing something?

I thought maybe you were trying to use the sequencer like the microsequencer, i.e.

microsequencer + oscillator + speaker.

It sounds like some tinkering is in your future. I look forward to hearing about your discoveries along the way. :slight_smile:

BTW, @eroxx, here is the sequencer tips & tricks page. I hope you find it helpful.

Thanks I’ll def check that out.

I guess I need a bunch of split and mixer bits. sigh :smile:

Hi @eroxx,
It sounds like what you’re trying to build is an 8-step synth sequencer. The sequencer module can be used to facilitate audio but was mostly meant for controlling output modules. The microSequencer is likely the better choice here.