Playing back recorded sounds


I want at each time someone touches something, basically a touch sensor, it triggers the same audio file to be played after 2 seconds.

I’m thinking about: Power > Pressure sensor > Timeout (off-on) > MP3 player (once mode) > Speaker

Will this be working, or there is an other perfect way to do that?

Also, I want at each time an audio file from a list is played on a trigger effect, it will be followed immediately by an other audio file, which is the same for every played file from the list.

This is my try;

Power > Button > MP3 player > an other MP3 player > Speaker

where the first player is in the NEXT MODE, and the second player is in the ONCE MODE. If not, can this behavior be made using a timeout bit? or through programming?

My 3rd question is: is it possible to record and send audio files using a phone (through bluetooth or the cloud for example) to a bit that can play them back on a button trigger?

Alternatives would help as well.

Can you please help me with this. I’m trying to figure out which bits do I need so to be sure what I should purchase.



Hi @knowman,

Nice project !

I only have one MP3 player but I tried a few setups for you.
Unfortunally connecting two MP3 players in series does not work…The signal output of the MP3 player cannot switch another MP3 player, the output is made of a combination of a continuous 2.5 DC voltage level and the audio signal. The MP3 player needs a full 5 V DC signal (ON/OFF) on its input to switch to the next song. But there are a few solutions to make your setup !
You can use a fork (W7) in the following setup:

power > button > fork output 1: first MP3 player NEXT MODE > speaker and output 2: timeout i17 off-on > second MP3 player ONCE MODE > speaker

(I tried this with my bargraph instead of the second MP3 player to check the signal from the button).

Instead of the W7 fork you could also use a wire split W29 or a branch W2, depending on your project. If you have only one speaker, you also could combine both sounds into one speaker with a i37 mix bit.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need more info !
:grinning: :musical_score:

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Thank you so much @alexpikkert for your very informative answer.

Could you please let me know if the following configuration is right for playing the same audio 2 seconds after a sensor trigger?
Power > Pressure sensor > Timeout (off-on) > MP3 player (once mode) > Speaker

And is it possible to record audio files using a phone and send them to a bit that can play them back on a button trigger or instantly?


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There isn’t a module that can stream or save sounds / music from a phone.

For the delay, you could edit the sound files to add 2 seconds of silence on every track. That may be an easier way to deal with it. It may be easier to edit the mp3s than use multiple mp3 players etc.

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Hi @knowman,
first question:
Yes it works, although the timeout bit is ment for much longer delays, but after fiddeling a lot with the settings it worked.

second question:
you cannot send an audio file directly from a phone to a bit, but recording (or copying or downloading) an MP3 file onto a microSD card in your phone and then removing it and mount it into the i25 MP3 player bit works fine, but I suppose that’s not what you are thinking of…
The MP3 bit can only play from an inserted microSD card.

All the communication bits (cloudbit, bluetooth bits and the wireless transmitters are not able to send audio…

Thank you guys :bitstar:

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