Perpetual servo

Please HELP

Trying to activate the servo for a turn and back once every minute until canceled manually. Any way to have a timer go every minute and then reset indefinetley? Any suggestions on the easiest way? Thanks

Hi @ryanphil :smile: it sounds to me that you will need some kind of logic. But before getting complex, what is what you are trying to build? Can you give us a general description of your project?

Hi thanks for getting back to me.
Its a kids project. Trying to make something that will push on a surface in regular intervals and keep going until manually turned off. The servo will do it manually turned on and off or on a slide switch but trying to automate so it keeps going. The interval does not need to me exactly 1 minute it can be 20 sec or 40 sec etc…as long as it continues until manually turned off.
Thanks again

:smile: there are some Bits that perform time & cycle functionalities, like the pulse

In particular, I don’t think the pulse is suitable for your project because the ‘electronic heartbeat’ of this module is too fast.

Another option would be to use an Arduino.
For me, the code would look something like this:

while (no one manually turned off) {

 delay (1 minute);
 activate (servo);
 delay (minimum time so it pushes the surface ok);
 deactivate (servo);


I guess all depends on what Bits do you have and want to use.

The choice I made and works ok is to use 1 oscillator and 2 micro sequencers in step mode

power + oscillator + led + micro sequencer + led + microsequencer + led + servo

This circuit gave me an interval of 50 seconds

Wow thanks for the suggestions!!! Really appreciate it. I have an Arduino as well as all the other bits you mentioned. I will try this in the next few days. Thanks again

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