People Listing Brand New LittleBits for Sale on eBay: Legit or Dodgy?

Hi, i’ve been looking to buy some bits. Here in the UK there are quite a few sellers who constantly have the various kits up for sale on eBay, listed as new, for prices far below retail. I’ve noticed that they also change the price on the listings very frequently. All this makes me suspicious, and somewhat wary to buy from them in case i end up having to battle with eBay resolutions etc.

Question: is it possible to sell counterfeit littleBits? Or are they running some other kind of scam such as listing items they themselves do not possess, then sending the buyers details on to another seller as if it were their own delivery details? Hard to explain but i’ve heard of this being done before.

Any ideas would be helpful as i’m dying to grab some kits but am short of cash right now.


Well, i’ve found a Synth Kit from a reputable source, so am on the way. Still wondering about all those other kits up there on eBay, if anyone has a clue at all…

Hi @friendly,

I hate to admit this here ( :cold_sweat: ), but I have bought bits from ebay. They were WAY cheap - my guess is that they were left-overs from a closed Radio Shack store. Anyway, 3 of the four bits were fine, but the fourth one was not what they said it was (they said it was a motion trigger - it was really a remote trigger.)

What is it they say? Caveat Emptor I kept it anyway, but I’ve never used it. Hmmmm.

ok, thanks for the reply. :hamburger:

I guess i’m willing to chance it some time, but just wanted to make sure i wasn’t going to end up with some cheapo knock-off bits.

Yeah, go for it! And if you do get cheap, knock-off bits, well at least you didn’t pay too much for them, eh?

(For some reason, all my knock-off bits are really expensive! :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: )

I have found it pretty safe to get bits off eBay. Just read carefully the description and look at the photos. Used pieces carry a bit more risk as you don’t know how they were handled. I have a few used pieces that don’t seem to connect properly and need to be jiggled. New sets should be relative risk free. I am not aware of any counterfeit products (yet). Should there be a dispute, I have found eBay tends to err on the side of the buyer.