Output jack mod

Can I strip one of the connecter wire bits and make a proper output jack? I don’t always need the speaker and I find it much more fragile than the other bits. BTW love littlebits!

What is wrong with the ouput jack on the speaker? A proto bit is better way of connecting wires to littlebits than cutting 'Wire"

I sometimes connect an 8 ohm speaker directly to the signal and ground terminals of the proto bit.

All you need is a 3.5 mm Stereo to Mono adapter and a 3.5mm Mono cable to connect to computer (recording), a powered monitor (I recommend rockin’ thru a small tube amp!), or into some other mixer, home stereo, ect. Provides a great noise free out, and remember the actual speaker can be detached and disconnected if your worried about the bit itself, still works just fine with the line out! All the cable adapters you need can be found at your local Radio Shack, along with MORE littleBits!