Official cloudBit™ Troubleshooting

Hi everyone! I’m having trouble connecting some of my cloudbits to cloud control. At step 3 of connecting, the connection drops few seconds after I switch wifi to littlebit_cloud… and the screen says waiting for device to respond or something. Sometimes it goes to the next step and let me choose a wifi network but then it drops again. I sent a mail to support but trying here as well… Is anyone having the same issues ?

this is an old thread but still a problem I had just today.

this is what happened for me…

If you are connecting from an android phone and getting the waiting spinning thing in your browser, go over to your android wifi settings again. sometimes there will be a dialog box, asking if you still want to connect even without internet. IF you click ‘Yes’ button, it should let you through to the next step in the browser. At this step also there is a checkbox to remember your decision for next time.

I somehow accidentally deleted the software I have a Linux Chromebook
Can you help me